With a keen interest in community involvement, residents of Salt Springs and the Le Moyne area are invited to the Neighborhood Pride Open House on Saturday, April 23


HeadQuarters offers financial assistance to eligible homeowners for home improvements and repairs

Syracuse, NY. – The City of Syracuse, Le Moyne College and Home HeadQuarters will host a Neighborhood Pride Open House on Saturday, April 23 for residents of the Salt Springs and Le Moyne neighborhoods. The three-hour session will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Soule Library, 101 Springfield Road, Syracuse.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh, Le Moyne College President Linda LeMura, and other senior city and college leaders, as well as representatives from Home HeadQuarters and the City of DeWitt, are expected to visit the Doors Day. open.

LeMoyne neighborhood at Salt Springs Rd. & Place LeMoyne

The open day will provide information on the recently completed Le Moyne Area Neighborhood Development Strategy (LANDS) planning process, which focused on housing, quality of life, infrastructure, transport, services municipalities and economic development. The East Side neighborhood is home to approximately 3,800 residents bounded by Erie Boulevard East to the north and east, East Genesee Street to the south, and Salt Springs Road and Seeley Road to the west. The LANDS study, conducted by the city, Le Moyne College and the City of DeWitt, identifies strong neighborhood pride in the area and interest in greater neighbor interaction. It makes recommendations to improve physical infrastructure, improve services, and create more engagement in the neighborhood.

Grants and low-interest financing for home renovations and repairs

At the open house, Home HeadQuarters will have applications and staff on hand to answer questions about home improvement and repair programs available to eligible homeowners in the Salt Springs and Le Moyne neighborhoods. In a survey of housing conditions conducted as part of the LANDS study, many renters and landlords in the area indicated that the houses in which they reside needed improvements and many listed several types of home improvements they need or want.

CARE center to provide resources and information for older people

The Center for Aging Resources and Enrichment (CARE) at Le Moyne College will also have information on spiritual, mental, financial, and physical health resources for older adults and for individuals and organizations that provide care and support for older adults. the elderly. Learn more about the CARE Center at https://www.careatlemoyne.com/.

Refreshments, including ice cream courtesy of Le Moyne College, will be available. For more information on the Open House, call the Planning Office at (315) 448-8160.

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