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VERMILLION — David Lias, editor of the Vermillion Plain Talk, the community weekly, received the Mayor’s Community Service Award Thursday evening, April 21, at the Vermillion Area Chamber and Development Company’s (VCDC) 2022 Annual Banquet which was held at the Sanford Coyote Sports Center.

“It’s gratifying to see such an influx of Vermillion supporters in one place,” Mayor Kelsey Collier-Wise told the banquet audience. “Each year at the VCDC Banquet, the Mayor has the privilege of recognizing one of our incredible citizens for their contribution to our community.

She noted that the Washington Post’s slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” is attributed to journalist Bob Woodward, best known for his groundbreaking investigation of the Watergate scandal.

“It is a succinct explanation of the importance of our constitutional freedom of the press – a freedom defended by our founding fathers in many of their early writings because they had seen how censorship could be used by despots to prevent citizens to understand what their government was doing,” said Collier-Wise.

In the modern world, she says, information-sharing platforms abound, “but this concept remains vitally important.

“As print media has begun to decline in importance, there are fewer and fewer places for citizens to follow what is happening in their state legislatures and local governments,” the mayor said. . “Where there were once full newsrooms, today there are often only one or two people to bring democracy to light.

“We at Vermillion are incredibly lucky to still have a weekly newspaper, incredibly lucky to be able to read about what’s going on at town hall meetings, to hear from those running for office, to still be able to cut pictures of our children at sporting events and dance recitals,” said Collier-Wise.

We have these things, the mayor said, thanks to the tireless work of one man.

“A man who watches and transcribes every meeting of city council, county commission and school board, a man who runs from event to event, camera in hand, to record the triumphs, controversies and celebrations of our community,” she said. “A man who missed countless family dinners and special occasions for nearly three decades to ensure that the citizens of our city were not left in the dark.

“A man who, though a Jackrabbit, loves Vermillion with all his heart,” the mayor said. “For all these reasons, I am honored to present David Lias with this year’s Mayor’s Award for Service.”

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