The positive attitude of the local non-profit organization supports community engagement


Holidays are a time of togetherness for most, but it is also a difficult time for many, especially now. Food insecurity is nothing new to our community, nor is the myriad hands working together to bring comfort to those in need.

The local nonprofit Strength in Numbers built and installed blessing boxes in Whittington and Douglass parks in October. The group obtained permission to install the cheerfully purple units through the Ardmore Parks and Recreation Department.

The group has been servicing the boxes for several months now, and this month they decorated the boxes for the holidays. Founder Marchello Anderson said a board member, Annquanet, decorated the boxes with garlands, solar lights and smiling penguins.

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Anderson said the organization’s goal is to bring together diverse members of the community to raise families and small businesses and help them thrive. Part of this mission includes projects focused on community service like blessing boxes. It also includes monthly life learning camps for young men. “We’re focused on big ideas like relationship building,” Anderson said.

Registration is open for the January session to be held on January 29. Registration is free, and breakfast and lunch will be provided to participants. Contact Anderson via Facebook or at

This article originally appeared on The Daily Ardmoreite: Local nonprofit Strength in Numbers sets up blessing boxes in parks

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