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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – We have another service progress report for you – this time it’s from the Terre Haute South Vigo Braves.

South students surpassed their community service goal for the school year.

As of Thursday, the school had completed just over 22,000 hours of community service. The goal was to exceed 20,000.

The students organized a different event almost every month:

  • Organization of a collection of canned goods,
  • In partnership with the Feline Rescue Center to donate food and toys,
  • Organized a Trunk or Treat event,
  • and organized a gift drive during the holiday season.

Not to mention the countless fundraisers that the students have also organized.

A group of five student leaders led the charge in organizing the events. They each led an event during the school year.

One elder says this challenge has connected him better to the community and his classmates.

“Just the development that you’ve seen throughout the year – from when we went from being a group of friends still at our school (but we didn’t really know each other) to being really close. We we just got closer and closer each month that we worked together and really improved our community along the way,” said Evan Pound, Senior of Terre Haute South Vigo.

The students still have a few service projects in mind for the end of the school year.

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