Strathmore RCMP Focuses on Community Engagement: Wielgosz Says


As calendar year 2021 draws to a close, Strathmore RCMP Detachment Commander Mark Wielgosz reflects on how to improve policing and community engagement.

While this is still something the Detachment is actively considering, Wielgosz said community engagement and visibility remain high priorities for the Detachment.

“Community engagement is important to us, we like to meet people where they are in the community and he’s a big supporter of community policing, where our members interact with the community,” said Wielgosz. “Overall I can say that with our crime reduction measures regarding property crime and road safety our numbers are down from last year, so that’s definitely a point. positive.”

Although, he added, there have been fluctuations in recent months, overall the numbers look good and amount to an overall improvement. It’s a trend he hopes will continue.

For curious residents, Wielgosz regularly posts detachment crime statistics on the Town of Strathmore website.

The Strathmore RCMP also uses a Community Liaison Program whereby certain community groups are assigned officers to increase engagement and feedback with the community.

“It’s also to have that contact person if there is a need to contact the police or even just a matter of finding additional information for community safety type initiatives,” Wielgosz said.

Along with community engagement, crime prevention programs are constantly being developed. One example is the Regular Offender Management Program, where offenders are selected based on the volume of crimes they commit, the seriousness of the crimes they have committed, and their impact on the community.

“What is designed to do is focus on those who commit the majority of crimes in our region, primarily to ensure that they comply with the terms of court orders, if applicable,” Wielgosz said.

“And, (we) intend to make sure they are aware, that we are aware of their presence in the community.”

The overall goal is for former offenders to remain law-abiding residents. Wielgosz added that the detachment also has a security scan program that is expected to be implemented soon to help reduce license plate theft.

“It’s a bit of a problem in our region and our region in general where offenders steal the license plates of a vehicle similar to the ones they drive, which is a stolen vehicle, so as not to be detected,” Wielgosz explained.

“It’s one way to protect residents from crime and theft of their license plates. ”

If residents wish to provide comments or thoughts on their local police services, the Strathmore Detachment maintains an online survey online for people to share their thoughts and opinions.

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