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Artistic director. pittsburgh marketing agency Brunner is looking for a full time Art Director who will be able to work on all creative projects including design, photography, video production, print, social and digital. Applicants should have 3-5 years of advertising experience, be Photoshop and Illustrator experts, and have a thorough understanding of digital and UX function and design. Click here for more details

Director / Coordinator of Community Engagement. The Industrial art workshop, who works with the creation of new and original sculpture and artistic literacy with a mission to “advance, inspire and educate people of all ages through the creation of art“, is looking for a full-time Community Engagement Director / Coordinator to develop its community partnerships and oversee outreach to its participants. The position will be responsible for student recruitment, registration and all Community engagement and marketing initiatives Starting salary ranges from $ 30,000 to $ 45,000. Click here for more details
Marketing Director. Point Park University Pittsburgh Theater House is seeking a Marketing Director to lead the theater company’s marketing department, including public relations, audience development, special events and earned income strategies. Applicants should have experience in developing and managing budgets, excellent communication skills, strong leadership abilities, passion for the arts, etc. Click here for more details

Teaching ceramic artist. Eastern nonprofit The union project, an organization that aims to use the arts to ‘bridge the gaps between communities’ by offering art classes, studio hours and event rentals, is looking for a part-time teaching ceramic artist. The position will be responsible for planning and teaching personalized programs, camps, school programs, residences and private workshops, on and off site. Applicants should have a degree or experience in ceramics and / or arts education, experience working with children, etc. The salary is $ 16 / hour. Click here for more details
Theater auditor / ticket manager. The Steel City improvisation theater, which offers long-running improv comedies through shows, classes and training, is looking for a hybrid position for a part-time Theater Manager / Box Office Manager. On working evenings as director of the theater, the position would be responsible for opening and closing the theater and acting as a point of reference for producers and performers. On others, the position would work as a box office manager, where they would be responsible for selling theater tickets and merchandise, as well as helping the house manager to open and close the theater. The hybrid position offers around 12 to 20 hours per month and pays $ 12 / hour to start. Click here for more details

Food + Drink

Dishwasher. Bloomfield Vegan Restaurant Apteka hires a part-time dishwasher for a busy evening shift Friday through Sunday. The salary starts at $ 16 / hour. Click here for more details

Host. The Strip District Food Hall The PA market, with six dining stations and two cocktail bars, is looking for a part-time host to greet guests, manage the seating plan for reservations and tours, and more. The salary is $ 12 / hour. Click here for more details

Help in the kitchen and in front of the house. Garfield Takeaway Pizzeria, Spak Brothers, is now recruiting different kitchen and reception helper positions. Click here for more details

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