Pitt wins NCAA Community Service Award


Pitt wins NCAA Community Service Award

22/04/2021 16:00:00

PITTSBURG – University of Pittsburgh student-athletes have won the NCAA’s Team Works Community Service Competition award, as announced on NCAA.org Thursday afternoon.

“Our coaches, student-athletes and staff continue to make service leadership a top priority every year, and especially during difficult times,” Pitt’s athletic director said. Heather Lyke. “It is truly an honor to be recognized by the NCAA for his outstanding commitment to helping others.”

NCAA Team Works, which coordinates community service efforts at NCAA championships, and Helper Helper, a volunteer management and tracking platform, launched the Community Service Contest to recognize student-athletes who give back to their communities . The competition, which ran from January to March, is based on the number of hours of service performed and the number of student-athletes participating. Helper Helper tracks school participation data throughout the competition.

“Community service means much more than simply serving members of our community,” said Olivia Miller, junior gymnast Pitt and chair of the Community Service Subcommittee of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. “Community service is a beautiful mix of building relationships, spreading positivity and staying in touch with those around us. I believe community service is an essential part of everyone’s experience as a student-athlete and being able to touch the lives of those around us is so powerful.”

Pitt won first place in the Division I category. During the challenge, all Panther student-athletes participated in at least one community outreach project. Awareness efforts included a virtual youth program, COVID-19 vaccine registration programs, a children’s hospital blood drive, and food, clothing and toy drives. The student-athletes stayed connected with local elementary students through live video conferencing and pre-recorded segments that promoted literacy and the importance of reading.

“It’s pretty remarkable what these student-athletes have been able to accomplish during the pandemic conditions we’ve faced,” said Victor Hill, NCAA Associate Director, NCAA Championships Team Works. “It’s quite a testament to their character and dedication to their respective communities and the needs of others. The impact and examples they set are truly immeasurable.”

Emporia State won first place in Division II, where student-athletes competed in nearly 800 events, completing more than 2,000 hours of community involvement. Efforts included cleaning up trash, distributing food, writing letters and tutoring. The Division III award was presented to student-athletes from New Jersey City. This is the school’s first victory in the Team Works challenge. Through hours logged in Helper Helper, student-athletes have had an economic impact of $19,000 on their community. The school was able to enlist more than half of its student-athletes in at least one event.

Student-athletes from Pitt, Emporia State and New Jersey City each receive an NCAA “Community Service Champion” and Helper Helper award. This is the eighth NCAA Team Works Community Service Competition powered by Helper Helper.

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