“People for Change” opens community study centers in Potka


Jamshedpur, August 14: On the eve of International Youth Day, People for Change, a non-profit organization in Jamshedpur that works with children, youth and women from marginalized and underserved communities, opened 2 centers “Shiksha Protsahan Kendra” community study for rural children from Tudi and Tirildih villages of Potka block in East Singhbhum district.

“We are also working to enrich children and young people through citizen action courses and projects. These centers have been opened for a smooth transition of children who have been deviated from learning due to the pandemic for more than 18 months. It was also done to get them back on track to school education as well as essential life skills training. People for Change also continuously engages with government, UNICEF, TSRDS, Tata Motors, colleges and schools in various projects, in Jharkhand, to bring about gradual change and establish self-to-society journeys in society, ”said a People for Changer member.

He informed that these centers will accommodate 500 children and improve the learning levels of those children who have lost contact with the most basic forms of education. These centers will be run by young teachers trained by People for Change.

Dipantari Sardar, Mukhiya from Tentla Panchayat and Gram Pradhan were the esteemed guests of the event. Urmila Hembrom and Bobby Mahato (teachers) as well as Nora Samad, Vaibhav Pratap Singh, Naveen Kumar, Anjali Seshadri, Khushi Maity and Ayush Bannerjee of People for Change also attended the program.

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