Palo Alto Police Chief Selection Community Engagement – City of Palo Alto, CA


The City Manager has begun a process to select the next Chief of Police and is seeking input from the community. Join the conversation by sharing community priorities for the police department and key skills needed for the next police chief as the selection effort is underway.

The information shared helps inform the selection process and guide the City Manager as they determine next steps.

Community listening sessions

Thank you to everyone who attended the listening session hosted by the Human Relations Committee meeting on March 10 with City Manager Ed Shikada, and the two community listening sessions hosted by City Manager Ed Shikada on March 19 and March 31. Feedback received and other feedback obtained through the online input form and direct emails to the City Manager also help to inform the process.

Themes heard by the community include transparency, accountability and the importance of connecting with the community.

Online feedback form

The City Manager has sought feedback from the community as he determines the next steps in the Chief of Police selection process. Thank you to those who provided information on community priorities for the Palo Alto Police Department and key skills needed for the next police chief.

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