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MidCoast Council’s community engagement strategy is being reviewed to ensure it meets expectations.

Marcelle Boyling, MidCoast Council’s engagement, communications and education manager, said the community engagement strategy, including the community engagement plan and communications strategy, needed review.

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“How we develop the community’s knowledge and understanding of Council decisions, services, facilities, events and activities and how we involve them in decision-making impacts the satisfaction that the community feels towards the Council’s services,

“We know that providing information and being able to participate in Council decision-making are key drivers of community satisfaction.

“This strategy also guides how we involve the community in decision-making, so it’s a key strategic framework for our interactions with our community,” Marcelle said.

The review aims to ensure that engagement with the community is timely, accessible, accurate, transparent and authentic.

“Our community engagement plan will help the community clearly understand how they can participate, outlining when and how the council will engage with the community and stakeholders in all planning decisions.

“The intention is to bring all the pieces together to provide a single commitment to the community on how we will engage and communicate across a range of areas.

“A range of activities and promotions will begin today to encourage the community to speak out,” said Marcelle.

By Tara Campbell

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