Metro launches new initiatives to increase safety and community engagement


Metro announced Thursday that it is launching new safety initiatives to engage the community, target law enforcement efforts and increase police visibility.

The Metro Transit Police Department has developed a three-pillar approach to investing resources in the community: education, awareness and enforcement. This approach uses a “policing problem-solving strategy” focused on identifying underlying issues that can lead to crime and developing solutions to prevent them.

“While crime is a community and regional concern, customers should feel safe on Metro, which means using all the tools at our disposal, including investing in the community and partnering with local resources for services. essentials,” said Metro Chief Executive Officer/CEO Paul J. Widefeld. “In addition, MTPD strategically targets law enforcement efforts in areas where crime has increased.”

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As part of the new initiatives, Metro Transit Police will establish a new Community Services Office, which will work with schools, neighborhood groups and mental health advocates to foster a collaborative relationship.

The department also hopes to make it easier for runners to report incidents. There will also be new signage at stations, trains and buses with a QR code with MTPD’s text number, MyMTPD (696873). Customers can scan the QR code with their phone to automatically add the MTPD number to their contact list.

“Our customers provide extra eyes and ears throughout the system, and we encourage them to be vigilant and contact MTPD if they see anything suspicious,” Chief Anzallo said. “We also have thousands of cameras on buses, trains and in stations which provide a valuable tool to identify and arrest anyone who commits a crime on the subway.”

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The second pillar of the new initiatives focuses on raising awareness. Under this pillar, MTPD will organize pop-up events at metro stations intended to bring MTPD officers together with the residents they serve. The department will also develop partnerships with community groups to meet the essential service needs of people who are homeless or in mental health crisis.

The third pillar, law enforcement, uses a strategic approach to increase patrols by uniformed and plainclothes officers at selected train and bus stations based on crime data and trends. The aim is to provide greater visibility, reassure users and deter criminal activity. Officers will be staggered into shifts, to ensure greater police presence during the evening rush hour. Additional officers will also be placed at major bus hubs.

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Metro will also launch a new anti-harassment public awareness campaign next month. The campaign is part of an ongoing effort that began in 2012 to raise awareness and combat harassment in the Metro system.

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