Make informed decisions with confidence


Government leaders know that informed decisions supported by their community are the best decisions. But how can you make resident-informed choices when only six people showed up for a city council meeting? Social media can expand your reach, but it’s more likely to fuel polarization than cultivate civil discussion. And how would you know if these people live in your county, city or town? You can outsource the research, but much of what is available isn’t scientifically valid or doesn’t represent the whole community.

Download Polco’s white paper to learn how community engagement services created by scientists can help you.
● Find out how to create a civilian environment online.
● Learn simple ways to tell good data from bad data.
● Learn two simple steps to connect to your community.

Download: Make informed decisions with confidence – Your guide to solving the community engagement puzzle

Polco brings the voice of everyday residents to local government leaders through award-winning community engagement services, online polls, cutting-edge surveys and performance data analytics. With Polco, country leaders can make more informed decisions for their communities through accurate and reliable feedback.

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