Lorain presents other block grants projects for community development


Planners hope residents will share their thoughts on a new payables list with Lorain’s share of the federal administration Global Community Development Grant money.

On November 16, the city’s Ministry of Construction, Housing and Planning held a public hearing on the 2022 action plan for more than $ 2.38 million in federal development funds.

This public hearing announced the plan of action, said Max Upton, city manager of construction, housing and planning.

There will be a 30-day public comment period, and then two more public hearings will follow at 5 p.m. on December 16 and 20 for the 2022 spending plan. At these hearings, residents are invited to have more in-depth discussions on actual projects.

The meetings will take place in the room on the first floor of the town hall of Lorain at the town hall, 200 W. Erie Ave.

The action plan is the community’s plan, Upton said. Mayor Jack Bradley’s ministry and administration want to be responsive to community concerns and suggestions, he said.

“Based on the feedback we receive, we may adjust accordingly,” Upton said of the list of projects. “It’s not set in stone.

“We want to get engagement around this whole piece. “

Elements of the plan

The draft plan includes over $ 1.84 million in block grant spending for community development:

• $ 369,496 for administration

• $ 30,000 for fair housing

• $ 100,000 for the public service. The money will be available for grants to local charities.

• $ 164,850 for improvements to 32nd Street East between Clinton and Seneca avenues

• $ 350,000 for the construction of a skate park

• $ 313,134 for the park’s toilets

• $ 240,000 for home repairs

Kingdom of god

Plan 2022 includes $ 100,000 for the restoration of the steeple of God’s Kngdom Worship Center.

This amount has also been included in the 2021 plan.

But the project was put on hold because city officials, staff and downtown owners are working with consultant Naylor Wellman LLC to create a National Register Historic District for the downtown shopping area.

For God’s Kngdom, 423 Washington Ave., it makes more sense to use the money for the restoration of a historic building once the city has the historic district designation underway, Upton said.

The Ohio State Historic Preservation Office’s board may this year review Lorain’s application and recommend it to the National Park Service, which oversees historic designations at the federal level, Upton said.

Earlier this year, Bradley said the steeple was not in imminent danger of falling, but that the town should take action soon to repair a monument in downtown Lorain.

Fulton Homes

The town’s 2022 plan provides $ 180,000 for repairs to Fulton Homes, a 10-building complex with 60 apartments in South Lorain.

The money will be used to pay for repairs to the building.

Municipal teams will focus on gutters, roofs and downspouts.

The city is working with the Erie County Department of Health and Lorain County Public Health to use a federal grant to remove or contain lead-based paint in homes.

This partnership will focus on the doors and windows of Fulton Homes.

The apartment complex was one of the first black-owned multi-family complexes in Lorain County and it continues to operate as affordable housing, Upton said. Paying for repairs is preserving affordable housing and “it’s putting your money where your mouth is when it comes to talking about racism as a public health crisis,” he said. .

money at home

The city will use $ 537,783 for the federal HOME program, including $ 412,337 for affordable housing development.

The ministry will likely issue a request for proposals in late winter or spring 2022 to compile a list of projects eligible for that money, Upton said.

Learn more

The plan document will be available in four places:

• Lorain Public Library System Main Library, 351 W. Sixth St.

• The South Lorain branch of the library, 2121 Homewood Drive

• Department of construction, housing and town planning on the fifth floor of the town hall

• The site of the town of Lorain at www.cityoflorain.org

Inquiries and comments regarding the action plan can be directed to Drew Crawford, Planning and Zoning Administrator, Department of Building, Housing and Planning, 200 W. Erie Ave., Fifth Floor, Lorain, OH 44052.

The phone number is 440-204-2020, the fax number is 440-204-2080 and the email is Drew_Crawford@cityoflorain.org.

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