Lombard’s Community Development Department offers tips for selecting a contractor


As many residents and businesses undertake renovation and construction projects during the summer months, Lombard’s Community Development Department offers the following tips to avoid scams:

• Beware of contractors who solicit door-to-door business, including those looking to make repairs immediately, claiming they have extra materials from another job, or need signed contract documents That day. To see photos of active lawyers, visit www.villageoflombard.org/solicitorphotos.

• Find a permanent place of business and a phone number.

• Interview businesses that can only be reached by leaving messages on a voicemail service, who drive unmarked vehicles, or who have out-of-state license plates.

• Secure multiple bids on the job, challenge quotes that are significantly lower than other contractors, and make sure they are each offering the same materials and work to be done.

• Look for a company that easily offers customer references and a list of similar completed projects.

• Obtain a written contract signed by both parties.

• Be careful when dealing with a contractor who requires a large deposit, pay the contractor at the end of the work or only for the part of the work that has been completed and avoid making the final payment before having received a deposit. privilege release.


When a building permit is obtained and inspections are scheduled through the contractor, the village provides another set of eyes to ensure the project is built to code.

“Projects built without permits can be code deficient. This can result in additional costs to modify or rebuild an improvement to bring it into compliance. Also, when you sell your residence or business, many buyers contact the village to check to see if improvements have been made with If not completed correctly, it may impact a potential sale,” said William Heniff, Community Development Manager. “Our goal is to get residents and entrepreneurs the information they need to move projects forward. If your contractor says the village is preventing them from completing your project, please call the village directly.”

If you have any questions about construction activity, the building permit process, or how the Village can help make your project a success, contact the Community Development Department at (630) 620-5750.

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