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City of Geneva

Request for Proposals

Community Development Block Grant Administration Services

November 30, 2021

Background, The City of Geneva has received a community development block grant of $ 750,000 from the New York State Office of Community Renewal (OCR): NYS CDBG Project # 449ED995-21. These funds will help Real Eats America, Inc. purchase machinery and equipment and provide other assistance for the renovation of its new leased facility on routes 5 and 20 in the city of Geneva. This will result in the creation of 75 new full-time positions, 75 of which will be offered to people with low and moderate incomes. The City of Geneva is seeking the services of a company or an individual to assist it in the administration, management and implementation of this economic development grant.

Scope of services

The business or individual must provide the following services:

1. Economic development grants (a) The provision of the technical assistance necessary for the administration of this OCR grant, including, but not limited to, assistance to the City of Geneva in the establishment and maintenance of account books, development and implementation of management systems to ensure proper record keeping, assistance in procurement, selection, and award of contracts if necessary, preparation of required environmental review records, assurance of consistency with all federal requirements regarding procurement, labor standards, fair housing, etc., preparation of required reports, oversight of audit activities, preparation of grant closing documents, and all other activities of a general administrative nature. The selected contractor will work in coordination with the staff of the City of Geneva to carry out the administration and implementation activities of the grant. All services are expected to be completed by November 10, 2023.

Proposals, Proposals should include the following:

1. General information describing the nature and history of the business or individual, including client lists and references.

2. Specific information regarding the company’s or individual’s experience and technical expertise regarding the scope of services, including specific experience with OCR / CDBG financing and commercial financing.

3. Identification and curriculum vitae of the people who will provide the services.

4. A schedule of costs for the services to be provided, including hourly labor rates and the method of calculating all other costs. The elements of each hourly rate should be broken down to include labor, overhead, and profit. The City of Geneva will award reimbursement of costs rather than a fixed price contract.

Selection, The City of Geneva will rank the proposals received on the basis of an assessment of technical skills, experience and cost. The City of Geneva will select a contractor with which to conclude a service agreement, subject to the negotiation of a fair and reasonable profit. The selection of one or more entrepreneurs will be made in order of priority.

Submission procedures

1. A copy of the proposal must be sent to: City of Geneva, 3750 route départementale 6

Geneva, NY 14456

2. Proposals must reach the City of Geneva no later than 1:00 p.m. on December 30, 2021.

3. Proposals must be clearly marked “Proposal for CDBG administrative services, not to open before December 30, 2021”.


1. It is envisaged that compensation for contractual services will be funded in whole or in part by federal funds made available through the OCR program. The contracts will therefore be subject to all applicable provisions of the OCR program.

2. The City of Geneva reserves the right to reject all or part of the proposals; negotiate the elements of a proposal; conduct interviews at its sole discretion; and solicit and / or select contractors for the program outside the scope of this RFP.

3. The City of Geneva assumes no responsibility or liability for the costs incurred by respondents to this call for tenders, including any request for additional information, interviews or negotiations.

4. Minority-owned and women-owned businesses are encouraged to respond to the tender, either as a principal or as a subcontractor.

5. Additional information regarding this RFP can be obtained at the address listed above, by calling Mark Venuti, 315-789-3922,, or Eric Reuscher, 315-789-3922, .


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