Latin American Community Development Agency Grows As Hispanic Population Grows At OKC


The Latino Community Development Agency is expanding its services to help members of the growing Latino community.

“For the first time, we believe that the city and the state have realized the growth of the population, and they want to work hand in hand with us,” said Raul Font, president of the Community Development Agency. latino.

According to US Census data, Oklahoma City is not only growing, it is diversifying.

“It’s crazy knowing that we are almost 20% in the urban area,” Font said.

Font said the agency has been serving the Hispanic community for 30 years with a variety of different outreach programs.

“There was no one providing services to them. Services for them in their language and with respect for their culture. Even today, unfortunately, we may be the only ones they trust, ”said Font.

The agency is expanding its services to an office space near Harvey and Commerce to include health, economic development and other family services.

“We are that convoy. We will use our building to come to us. The SBA had all this PPE money to offer small businesses, and our small businesses never applied because they didn’t know how to run a financial education institution to apply for a loan, ”Font said.

Font said what makes their service so special is that they are able to serve the community in whatever language they are most comfortable with. In the expansion, they plan to work with school districts to provide guidance to students and families that they believe will be of huge benefit to students learning during the pandemic.

The agency hopes to move into the new building in November. They are also working to raise $ 5 million for a brand new building.

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