Integration of community engagement as quality assurance and improvement approaches across the continuum of HIV care and for differentiated service delivery for HIV treatment models


WHO’s Department of Global Programs for HIV, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections (HHS) collaborates with the Global Fund on Strategic Initiatives (SI) for Differentiated Service Delivery (DSD), which promote the improving the quality and effectiveness of programs across the HIV testing treatment and advanced disease cascade, through promoting best practices, accelerating country implementation, and technical assistance for the expansion of differentiated testing and treatment models and virtual interventions across the HIV cascade.

WHO collaborates with FHI360, Mozambican Ministry of Health, Fundação Ariel Glaser and EGPAF to promote sharing of best practices and lessons learned on using community engagement approaches to improve HIV service delivery across the cascade, including DSD for HIV treatment models HIV.

Webinar objectives

  • Provide an overview of WHO guidance on the principles of community engagement, its uses for QA/QA, enabling factors, issues and considerations for integration into national quality of care strategies.
  • Introduce uses of community engagement approaches for QA/QA across the continuum of HIV care and for differentiated service delivery HIV treatment models.
  • Share experiences from Mozambique and Malawi, two examples of programs that are being operationalized and have successfully implemented community engagement as QA/QA practices in the HIV cascade and for PSD .


Date: July 6, 2022

Time: 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. CEST

The session is in English and Portuguese with simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Portuguese.

This webinar will include:

Session title Presenter
Welcome and introduction Clarice Pinto, WHO
Overview of Community Engagement (CE) Principles for QA/QA Asiya Odugleh-kolev, WHO
Uses of CE for QA/QA Across the HIV Care Continuum and for DSD ART Models Ivan Teri, FAME
Technical assistance for the integration of CE into the national QOC strategy in Mozambique Yara Paulo, Ministry of Health IQ Focal Point, Orlando Munguambe, National IQ Implementation Manager, and Helder Macul, DSD Focal Point at the Ministry of Health
Engage communities to ensure accountable and responsive approaches to improving the quality of HIV service delivery Meghan Dicarlo, FHI360 and Elizabeth Mpunga, FHI360, Malawi
Discussion with the panelists co-moderated by Maureen Inimah, Ministry of Health, Kenya, and Baker Bakashaba, TASO Uganda
Closing remarks Clarice Pinto, WHO

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