Hoboken High School Senior Wins Award for Community Service


HOBOKEN, NJ – Hoboken High School announced last week that senior Alysa Toledo has been recognized by the United Nations Association of the United States and InnerView at their fourth National Community Service Awards.

Alysa won the award for completing over 20 hours of community service, as well as other projects not counted.

Hoboken National Honor Society Chapter Advisor Michelle McGreivey said, “Alysa is definitely a Hoboken High School National Honor Society leader in terms of service. In addition to the twenty hours that she completed which culminated in this award, she continued to serve in designing and painting a mural in the school library for our new makerspace. In a year where many are struggling to commit, Alysa is standing out. “

The rewards program recognizes a range of student achievement: merit for 20 hours, honor for 40 hours, ambassador for 100 hours of service this school year, and special recognition for the focus on Zero Hunger and Zero Waste.

“In a year like no other, students have demonstrated resilience and a personal understanding of the connectivity between all people and local and global challenges,” said Kristine Sturgeon, CEO of InnerView Technologies. “We are thrilled to amplify and honor the incredible work of students who are changing the world, one action at a time.”

A key artifact that students earn from the rewards program is the development of a digital service resume for use in job and college applications to demonstrate personal commitment, 21st century skills and key areas of interest.

“The efforts and voices of young people are essential to achieving the SDGs. These awards allow us to share our appreciation for the young leaders who have invested talent and effort in causes close to their hearts, ”said Rachel Bowen Pittman, Executive Director of the United Nations Association for the USA . “With a decade remaining to achieve the SDGs, we are delighted that these students are entering the workforce with meaningful community engagement skills and socially conscious experiences. We are encouraged that educators include community service and cultural engagement in the educational experience of their students. ”

“We are grateful for the efforts of every Zero Hero among us, who serve their communities in a way that advances Kroger’s Zero Hunger / Zero Waste social and environmental impact plan,” said Denise Osterhues, Senior Director of Sustainability and the social impact of Kroger. “Through this partnership with InnerView, we have connected more than 2,600 Zero Hero student leaders in 35 states with national subject matter experts and resources that build awareness of critical issues and inspire volunteer service, leadership and resources. a meaningful career exploration. ”

The United Nations Association for the United States is a grassroots movement of Americans who support the vital work of the United Nations in communities, colleges, and Congress in the United States. For more than 75 years, UNA-USA and its national network of 20,000 members and 200 chapters have promoted strong American leadership at the UN through advocacy campaigns, youth engagement, outreach programs and outreach. ‘public events. Learn more.

InnerView is the leading youth social responsibility platform to help students, groups and schools highlight the impact of community service, passion for causes, skills development and connect local efforts to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All college and high school age students are invited to join the tens of thousands of 14-24 year olds who have discovered ways to get involved and developed vibrant visual service resumes through my.InnerView.org. InnerView Technologies is a social impact organization that works with engaged and compassionate students, groups, schools, nonprofits, and institutions. Learn more at https://InnerView.org

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