GGML commits to a community development plan in Geita for 2021/2022


By signing the MoU, GGML reaffirms its commitment to the government and people of Tanzania by complying with the amended Section 105 of the Mining Act, which contains provisions on the corporate social responsibility plan of a holder of mining rights.

The implementation of the CSR plan will benefit the communities of Geita in the areas of the environment, infrastructure, health, education and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

During the brief ceremony held on October 29, 2021, Geita Regional Commissioner The Hon. Rosemary Senyamule, expressed the government’s appreciation for the strong and healthy partnership between GGML and the Geita community stating: “The company (GGML) continues to be hailed as excellent examples of how CSR is executed. and others even use the business as a case study. in higher education institutions in the country “.

She went on to say that “Tanzanians must represent us well in companies such as GGML, they must work with integrity”.

Hon. Rosemary Senyamule, RC for Geita signs the MoU document. Next to her is GGML’s vice president for sustainability, Simon Shayo.

GGML strives to support the aspirations of the Tanzanian government for sustainable social and economic development in host communities. The company also seeks to work with local authorities and communities to identify, implement and manage key projects for the sustainable future of the Geita region.

“We are delighted to reaffirm our commitment to the Tanzanian government and the Geita communities. Now in our fourth CSR plan since the mining law amendment, we are optimistic that we can build on previous projects to strengthen community ownership, but also commit to continuing to collaborate on projects. durable that can outlast the life of the mine, ”said Richard Jordinson, Managing Director of GGML.

GGML has worked closely with local government authorities to support a number of community projects in the Geita region through public-private partnerships, including the Geita Town Drinking Water Project which has helped to increase the number of people with access to clean, safe water by just 3%. almost 40% between 2016 and 2020.

GGML also manages programs at the national level, including the GGML Kili Challenge against HIV and AIDS, which has contributed TZS 1.3 billion to HIV prevention, care and treatment projects across the country. since 2018.

In line with GGML’s core value of providing sustainable socio-economic development to the community of Geita beyond mining activities, GGML has implemented various projects in the local community of Geita, including water supply activities. , education and economic development in agriculture, transport and services, which has attracted more than TZS 50 billion since it began operations in 2000. The company has remitted and paid over TZS 1.7 billion (TZS 3,900 billion) in taxes to the government since its inception.

Beyond CSR and taxes, the company has a strong component of local business content and corporate development, as evidenced by the 67.6 billion TZS spent on purchasing goods and services from companies. indigenous Tanzanian companies by the end of September 2021.

To support the participation of Tanzanian companies in the company’s supply chain, GGML has partnered with the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) to develop more than 350 Geita-based companies through training.

Earlier this year, GGML was named the best performing company in the Tanzanian mining sector for fiscal year 2019/2020 after winning awards in social responsibility, environment and safety, payment of public revenues (taxes) and local business content. .

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