Department of Community Development: Volunteering is an essential part of the development of society


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Today, the Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi celebrates the 36e annual International Volunteer Day, a United Nations resolution that recognizes the importance of volunteering for making a key societal impact and celebrating the spirit of volunteerism.

His Excellency Mohammed Helal Al Blooshi, Executive Director of the Office of Strategic Affairs, Department of Community Development, said: “The Department of Community Development aims to enable and encourage a safe, organized and impactful volunteer environment that enhances community engagement. and builds social cohesion. This goal reflects the guidance of our wise leaders who believe that volunteering is an essential pillar in the development of society. Today we recognize and congratulate the countless volunteers who have dedicated their time and skills to advancing positive change in Abu Dhabi and across the United Arab Emirates. “

He added: “DCD’s commitment to fostering volunteering is manifested through the launch of the volunteering policy last year and the announcement of a volunteering license in September 2021 to organize volunteering practices in Abu Dhabi.

He pointed out that to further strengthen policy and permit activation, DCD’s role in promoting a strong volunteering ecosystem can be seen in its cooperation with the UAE Foundation and Social Contribution Authority (Ma ‘an) to attract volunteers across the platform that allows entities to post volunteering opportunities and grants individuals and teams the necessary license to volunteer.

Al Blooshi stressed the importance of platform to preserve the rights and responsibilities of volunteers from all volunteers, and to bring together organizations seeking to post opportunities with volunteers seeking to make a difference.

As part of DCD’s volunteering policy, Abu Dhabi offers nine areas of volunteering, including traditional volunteering, social affairs volunteering, emergency volunteering, event volunteering, virtual volunteering , volunteering for visitors, institutional volunteering, specialized volunteering and volunteering abroad.

The policy includes three types of licenses – (1) a volunteer license issued to people wishing to volunteer, (2) a team of volunteers license issued to groups of 5 or more, and (3) a license for legal persons wishing to post volunteering. Opportunities.


About the Ministry of Community Development

The Abu Dhabi Community Development Department (DCD) was established in 2018 to govern the social and community development sector through a set of policies, strategies, systems and standards. The department aims to improve the quality of life in the emirate and provide a life of dignity for all, through high quality, impactful and efficient services. One of DCD’s priorities is to raise awareness of social issues relevant to Abu Dhabi and its people and to find innovative solutions.

There are 4 main entities under the umbrella of DCD namely: Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority (ADSSA), Social Contribution Authority – (Ma’an), Abu Dhabi Center for ‘accommodation and humanitarian care – (Ewa’a) and Family Protection Authority (FCA). The department is also working with 7 partners from the community development sector in Abu Dhabi to achieve the desired goals. These entities include Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO), Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC), Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC), Family Development Foundation (FDF), The Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation (SCMAF), Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) and Abu Dhabi Early Years Authority (ECA).

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