CSR in Coimbatore: integrated L&T community development projects, benefiting 19,000 people


Help communities to Madukkarai and Sulfur blocks to ensure greater availability of water, improved sanitation, education and agricultural development

Coimbatore: Larsen & Toubro, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, handed over two Integrated Community Development Projects (ICDP) to Shaffe Ahamed, Deputy Director, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Tamil Nadu , during an event organized at Kalangal Village of Sulfur to block.

The projects were started in 2015 by Tha Murugan, Additional Director / Project Director, District Rural Development Authority.

L&T, through its CSR work, achieved its vision of building India’s social infrastructure by ensuring the availability of water, followed by interventions in the areas of agriculture, sanitation and education in rural areas.

L & T’s ICDP covers 2,028 hectares (ha) in Madukkarai and 1,585 ha in the Sulfur blocks from Coimbatore district. The program was deployed in partnership with local communities led mainly by women. Starting with soil and water conservation, the program was gradually extended to develop sanitation facilities and strengthen public school infrastructure.

Commenting on this occasion, Dr. Hasit Joshipura, Head – Enterprise Center, L&T said, “L & T’s interventions are unique in the field of integrated community development. It aims to ensure long-term sustainable development for local communities. One of the most rewarding achievements for L & T’s CSR is seeing community members continue the ICDP work initiated by the company in 2015. ”

The impact of L&T interventions can be seen here. The water level rose from 940 feet (ft) to 550 feet in boreholes and 55 feet in open wells. The soil interventions produced an additional 732 ha of arable land, 167 ha of irrigated land and 587 ha of fallow land for cultivation. This has led to a horticultural development of over 80 ha and a 25% increase in crop yields.

It also impacted livestock by ensuring the availability of 30,000 tonnes of green fodder and 15,000 tons of dry fodder. 500 toilets were built for landless and non-farm families and four public schools were equipped with sanitation facilities.

Explain the process, Dr MR Ramasubramanian, Executive Director, NAF, the NGO partner of the project, said: “We implemented the projects in collaboration with the local communities, who participated in the planning and implementation process from the beginning. It involved the local panchayat and community members – strongly represented by women – in the ownership and maintenance of these projects.

The projects ensured poverty reduction, community awareness of civic issues, community capacity building and participation of women in the decision-making process, leading to overall empowerment and better quality of life. life for those most in need.

Currently, L&T is introducing interventions related to improving access and quality of education in all schools (18) in the project area.

L&T is committed to empowering the communities in which it operates. The company’s CSR theme is “Building India’s Social Infrastructure”, and the focus is on education, health, water and sanitation, and skills development. The company facilitates several programs benefiting the community across the country and engages through CSR initiatives and volunteer activities.

Larsen & Toubro is an Indian multinational engaged in EPC projects, manufacturing and high tech services. It operates in more than 50 countries around the world. A strong, customer-centric approach and constant pursuit of top-notch quality have enabled L&T to achieve and maintain leadership in its core lines of business for eight decades.

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