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The CSC offers university students the opportunity to engage in service work.

Image of the CSC Unit Wall provided by Michaella Louis

From picking up litter along sandy beaches to making cards for the homeless, the Community Service Club (CSC) gives back to the community.

The idea for the club emerged last year from President Michaella Louis, however, the club was not approved until January 6, 2021. The mission of this organization is not just to give back to the community of Boca Raton but also to university students. .

President Louis, Secretary Tierra Broughton and Treasurer Victoria Jean-Julien have taken the initiative to organize and volunteer at many service events this semester.

CSC at Boca Helping Hands

“So far we’ve volunteered for the Unity Wall, which was a wall in Lake Worth that we were able to paint as a way to unify communities that were previously separated. We made Valentine’s Day cards for the homeless, ”said Louis. “We participated in two food drives, one of which was in partnership with Hillel. We volunteered at Boca Helping Hands. We did both a campus cleanup and a beach cleanup.

Louis explained that the bonding events for the members have been rewarding due to the isolation of the pandemic. While following CDC guidelines for wearing masks and practicing social distancing, members can still bond with each other and enjoy their bonding events.

“The most memorable part of leading CSC this semester is meeting and getting to know people. I have met some great people so far in the short time the organization has been active. Plus being able to go out into the community and make a difference is definitely something I love, ”said Louis.

CSC has partnered with other organizations for their events, such as Hillel, Business and Professional Women’s Scholarship House, Students for Peace, Generation Action and Women Empowerment Club.

The club has 233 members in total and they hope to gain more by the end of the semester.

CSC Resource Scavenger Hunt

“Our goal is to have themed events every month, we hope to raise awareness for different causes and service projects every month. For April, we have some exciting service projects coming up, ”said Jean-Julien. “We also have a few service projects that we hope to make annual, and long after COVID, we will continue to host events online and in person so that we can remain inclusive for all students.”

Jean-Julien explained that community work is important for students because it gives them a chance to return to the community in which they live.

Broughton agreed because the ability to network and bond within the community and the school allowed him to help others come together through service projects.

“Volunteer work has always been around me and was instilled in me because of others
participation before college. The most inspiring part of working with the board,
committee and club membership is the networking skills we’ve all acquired, ”said Broughton. “Some members have told me that they have built many great relationships with this club. As a board member and founding member, it fills my heart with joy.”

Students can find more information about CSC on Owl Central and find the membership form and GroupMe information there. Students can also visit their Instagram: @faucsc to find all the events and get a little insight into how CSC is organized.

Darlene Antoine is the editor-in-chief of Presses Universitaires. For more information on this story or others, send an email [email protected]

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