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The Lincoln City Department of Planning and Community Development provided an update to the Lincoln City Council Monday, March 14 on the department’s 2022 work plan and goals, an overview of tasks completed and those planned for the year. .

Director Anne Marie Skinner said planning application forms have been updated. The building permit files have also been revised and are available. Forms and applications are available at

“In 2023, my goal is to review the building permit fee schedule,” Skinner said.

The full plan update is underway, Skinner added. There was a public comment session on Tuesday, March 15 on housing. In April, there will be a public comment session on public facilities and services. May will focus on transportation and June on coastal shores.

“In July there will be one on natural resources,” Skinner said of the public comment sessions. “I would like to have another in August and another in September, just like a general on one of these topics for anyone who was unable to get feedback during one of the specific sessions.”

Skinner’s goal is to work on writing the draft and have it ready for the planning commission’s January hearings. She hopes that by this time next year the city will have an updated comprehensive plan.

“There are seven bills dealing with housing that I need to incorporate into our code just so people know we incorporated them,” Skinner said.

Some city-owned properties need to be rezoned, Skinner added. These include properties that are slated for Taft Park, one that is part of another park, and then a couple that have deed restrictions that require them to be zoned either parkland or open space.

House Bill 2918 requires an annual surplus land inventory report.

“They’re supposed to compile all of this and put it on this big map so people can access it and I guess see what lands the jurisdictions own,” Skinner said.

Skinner said she is working to update the city’s housing needs analysis. The update will give the City an accurate picture of housing needs.

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