Community engagement meeting to highlight the role of a town councilor in Pembrokeshire


A virtual community engagement meeting is organized to raise awareness and understand those interested in becoming a counselor.

Pembrokeshire County Council is hosting the online event, which will take place on November 25 at 4 p.m. and last for one hour.

The hour-long session will be an opportunity to promote democracy at work and allow members of the public to engage in a constructive dialogue to fully understand the role of the adviser and how you can make a difference.

Members of the public are encouraged to submit two questions to the expert panel which will include members of the Democratic Services Committee and election and democratic services officers.

David Simpson, Head of Council, said: “We want the event to be a call to action for people to get involved in democracy and the 2022 local elections.

“This will be an opportunity for communities to hear about the incredible work our advisors and Cabinet members are doing to help make a difference – and to raise awareness to allow communities to understand the work being undertaken.”

The event will be hosted on the Teams Livestream platform and allow people to learn more and hopefully participate in the debate.

Questions should be submitted by email to: by noon on Tuesday 23 November.

Panel members will answer key questions about the role, why they chose to do it, and what to expect during your democratic journey.

Inquiries may be refused if they are considered defamatory, frivolous or offensive.

The link to watch the live stream will be posted within the week of the event.

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