Clark County Community Development to Launch ePlan System in September


Clark County Community Development will implement its new electronic plan review program on September 19. The new ePlan system will allow applicants to submit building and development plans electronically rather than having to bring them to the county permit center in person. With ePlans, the applicant and permit staff can see changes to plans in real time.

Once ePlan is online, the county will only accept new applications and plans through electronic submission. Hard copies will no longer be accepted. Paper applications currently in the system will continue to be processed as is.

For a new residential or commercial development project, there may be many plans to review, including construction, transportation, stormwater, engineering standards, and the environment.

“Our goal is to improve all aspects of the permitting process, making it faster and easier while adhering to Clark County code and safety rules,” said Community Development Manager April Furth. . “That’s why we created the slogan, Save the trees and the parking fees.”

Benefits of the new system include reduced paperwork, file management and blueprint scanning; effective exchange of information between staff and customers; ability to access plans in the field, which improves inspection services; and the ability to work on plans in conjunction with other programs.

County licensing staff will be trained on the new software in August.

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