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The city seeks to provide grants

The City of Kamloops is seeking to provide funding for projects that will meet community needs such as affordable housing, child care, food security or homeless support.

According to a statement from the city, funding will be made available through the 2022 Social and Community Development Grant for projects run by nonprofit organizations and corporations.

“Projects will be evaluated and awarded based on the quality of the bid and the benefit to the community,” the city said.

Interested organizations can apply for up to $ 30,000, and the grant can be used to cover operational costs, special projects, or seed money for a social enterprise initiative.

The city said applicants must demonstrate that their project will meet one of the priorities identified in the Kamloops Social Plan, including alternative transportation, food security, mental health services or tackling drug-related crime and addiction issues.

Applicants will need to show that their project will enhance the well-being of the community, address community issues and concerns, and improve the ability to respond to specific social needs.

The 2022 Social and Community Development Grant application deadline is November 15 at 8 a.m.

The city said applicants will find out if they have been approved for funding in December.

Interested organizations can get more information and apply through the City of Kamloops website.

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