Chicago Seeks to Double Police Recruitment Efforts and Officer Community Engagement to Fight Crime

CHICAGO (WLS) – The Chicago Police Commissioner is proposing new strategies to tackle the skyrocketing violence and crime in the city.

The new effort includes doubling police recruitment efforts and engaging officers and building trust with community members.

Man dies after being beaten in an altercation at an unauthorized New Years Eve party, becoming Chicago’s first murder victim in the New Year.

Anti-violence lawyer Bamani Obedeli is hoping the murder is not an indication of the crime to come in 2022.

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At a Tuesday afternoon press conference, which followed a weekly briefing the mayor receives from Chicago Police Department officials, Lori Lightfoot wants the public to know that Chicago will hopefully be safer over the course. of the New Year, because his administration’s new public safety goals are in place.

The short and long term plan emphasizes community involvement, while expanding mental health, addiction treatment and support services.

According to CPD data, 2021 ended with 400 innocent homicides in the middle of a year in which there were nearly 800 murders, some 12,000 firearms removed from the streets and a doubling of the number of officers added to the city ​​hijacking task force.

“You can’t stop to get out of there,” Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said.

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Despite these gains, crime continues to skyrocket in the city.

As late as Tuesday morning, there was a carjacking in the West Loop where an armed robber sprayed the driver with pepper spray. Around the same time, a gang of thieves targeted two high-end stores along the Gold Coast, fleeing with what could represent tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise at Burberry and Moose Knuckles on Walton Street. .

Although the mayor and superintendent admit it has been a difficult year, some in the community fear that if there isn’t a different approach to crime in Chicago, this year will not be different from the last.

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