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The University of Hawai’i Associate Students offer scholarships to all full-time undergraduate students at UH Mānoa. ASUH is the student government that represents the approximately 10,000 full-time undergraduate students at UHM.

“The scholarships help students relax more because they don’t have to worry about their funds or the family paying their tuition,” said ASUH Vice President Alyssa Renteria. “It also gives students the experience of filling out applications that will be important for internships and jobs in the future.”

During this scholarship session, ASUH awards five different scholarships: ASUH Scholarship, Study Abroad Scholarship, Community Engagement Scholarship, Research Prize, and Graduate Test Preparation Prize. If chosen as the winner of the scholarship, all funds will be refunded from student tuition fees in the fall of 2021. Exceptions are made for the research scholarship and the graduate test preparation scholarship, because these scholarships cover the cost of the material.

The ASUH scholarship is designed into categories: academic achievement, high financial need, and unique situations. To be eligible for this academic award, the student must have a GPA of 3.5 or above, show financial need, or be in a deservedly unique situation.

The study abroad scholarship helps offset the costs of studying abroad. This is open to students who have already been admitted to a study abroad program at UHM through the Study Abroad Center, Manoa International Exchange, faculty sponsored study trips or the Nation Student Exchange.

The Community Engagement Scholarship honors students who have a minimum of 30 hours of community service and who are committed to improving the community through volunteerism. These community service events include, but are not limited to, cleaning up beaches, working with an animal shelter, and volunteering in hospitals. This is the first time that UHM is offering this award and ASUH says they hope it becomes another permanent scholarship.

The Research Fellowship is awarded to students who conduct research projects or plan to attend conferences. This award has no affiliation with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, as it may offset the costs of materials purchased for the project.

The Graduate Test Preparation Award is given to anyone wishing to pursue higher education. Many graduate and specialty programs require standardized tests such as GRE, MCAT, and LSAT. This scholarship plans to help cover the cost of the test and all materials purchased to prepare for it.

Last year, ASUH received around 180 applicants for their scholarships, according to Renteria.

For more information on the application, click on here. All scholarships are due October 15th.

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