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Monday, October 4, 2021

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Washington DC – National law enforcement groups, the US Department of Justice, the US Department of Homeland Security, and Atlanta-based social change organization MovementForward, Inc. jointly organize the Police-Community Engagement Project most consolidated in history – National Faith & Blue Weekend 2021 (Faith & Blue), with around 2,000 activities organized across the country from October 8 to 11.

Faith & Blue is a non-partisan, non-sectarian effort to break down prejudices and build bridges between law enforcement and the communities they serve. The mission is to facilitate safer, stronger and more unified communities by connecting law enforcement officers and residents through local faith-based and community organizations.

These events will mark the culmination of National Community Policing Week. This historic effort involves alla large national law enforcement group in the United States as well as the federal agencies most directly involved in local law enforcement. The co-organizers include:

FBI National Academy Fellows

Federal Association of Law Enforcement Officers

Fraternal Order of Police

Association of Spanish-American Police Command Officers

International Association of Chiefs of Police

International Brotherhood of Police Officers

International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators

International Association of Chiefs of Police

Association of Heads of Large Cities

Sheriffs of the main counties of America

United States National Association of Associate Lawyers

National Association of Women Law Enforcement Officials

National Association of Black Police

National Association of District Attorneys

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and Museum

Coalition of National Associations of Narcotics Officers

National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Officials

National Police Foundation

National Sheriffs Association

Police Executives Research Forum

Secure community network

Association of executives responsible for the application of small and rural laws

These national partnerships are accompanied by unprecedented collaboration with more than 50 associations of state sheriffs, chiefs of police and prosecutors from coast to coast. Each of these associations strives to bring Faith & Blue to agencies in their respective states. Local events can be found here.

During National Faith & Blue Weekend 2021, law enforcement in the United States will partner with faith groups and other community groups to organize public events focused on repairing and strengthening bonds between communities and those that protect them. Activities will include forums and town halls, marches for peace and unity, picnics, sporting events, vigils and other activities that foster an environment of problem solving, resolution and reconciliation. The activities will take place in a socially distanced manner, in small groups and virtually.

“Over the past few years, we have seen tremendous tensions in the relationship between law enforcement and communities,” said MovementForward CEO and Faith & Blue lead organizer Rev. Markel Hutchins. “Recent times have proven that we cannot just walk and protest against problems – we have to turn our pain into power,” Reverend Hutchins continues. “Our path to progress in policing as a nation is a collaborative path that focuses on our commonalities rather than our differences. “

In its inaugural year of 2020, National Faith & Blue Weekend facilitated 1,000 community events in 43 states and the District of Columbia. Reverend Hutchins says he believes the heightened stress of the COVID-19 pandemic and perilous tensions over police-community relations across the country have resulted in the need to strengthen ties with local law enforcement through to solution-driven partnerships in every neighborhood in America.

National Faith & Blue Weekend is sponsored by FirstNet, built with AT&T and the Motorola Solutions Foundation.

“Faith-based organizations and law enforcement groups are uniquely and deeply connected to their communities and it is through collaborative and respectful dialogue that common ground can be found,” said Jason Porter, President, Public sector and FirstNet, AT&T. “As an American partner in public safety, we are honored to support Faith & Blue Weekend’s local efforts to strengthen police-community relationships in neighborhoods across the country.”

“The Motorola Solutions Foundation is honored to support National Faith & Blue Weekend as it sparks important conversations and strengthens bonds between law enforcement and communities across the United States,” said Jack Molloy, Member of the Motorola Solutions Foundation Board of Directors and Executive Vice President of Products, Sales & Services, Motorola Solutions.

For more information on National Faith & Blue Weekend, or to find an event near you, visit www.faithandblue.org.


Faith & Blue National Weekend is a collaborative initiative that builds bridges and eliminates stigma through activities and outreach to law enforcement professionals and the communities they serve. Faith & Blue works on the premise that strong communities are built on mutual respect and understanding. Law enforcement entities and faith-based organizations are two key pillars of local communities, and when they work together neighborhoods thrive. Faith & Blue is a nationalization of the One Congregation One Precinct (OneCOP) initiative, a program of MovementForward, Inc. which is a solutions-focused and social change organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, led by renowned leader of human and civil rights, Rev. Markel Hutchins. The organizers of Faith & Blue represent all major national law enforcement groups and all religious traditions in the United States of America.

Visit National Faith & Blue Weekend at www.faithandblue.org or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. #FaithandBlue



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